First Look: On Cloudultra Trail Shoe

We’ve been fans of On shoes right from the start of their incredible journey from garden hose related innovations (See HERE) to taking the running shoe market by storm. They launched the Cloudventure in the trail market initially in 2017, then a second version followed in 2019. They delivered comfort and grip on the trail, a rare combination. Introducing the On Cloudultra Trail Shoe.

But what’s even more rare is a shoe which is comfortable for big miles, but has enough grip for the trail. Step forward the On Cloudultra! A shoe designed for your very long runs. 

The Cloudultra is loosely based on the Cloudstratus, On’s shoe which was designed to absorb even more impact and give back even more propulsion. It uses the same Cloudtec layers to deliver the cushioning and comfort. But it isn’t just a trail version of that shoe – as you’d expect from On it has plenty of innovation going on. 

On Cloudultra

The biggest innovation is the FlipRelease system which releases pressure on your foot with a flip of the tool on your laces. So when you need a closer fit for the uphill, and a slightly looser fit for the downhill, you can just flip the switch. Or, when your feet swell on those long runs, you can easily take the pressure off without the need for retying your laces, assuming you can still bend down.

ON Cloudultra

The grip is delivered by On’s Missiongrip outsole, which offers plenty of protection. We can’t wait to try them out. Just need an ultra to run now!

They launch today, priced at £160. Find out more at the ON Running website. Watch this space for our test drive in the new shoes.

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