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FIRST LOOK: Zerofit Baselayers and Buff Cap

This week we have two first looks. One from Zero Fit who produce thermal and base layer clothing for a range of activities and a running cap from Buff.

Zerofit Baselayers £various

Zero Fit The Ultimate claims to be twice as warm as a sweater and who can argue? The base layer is designed for temperature between -10C and +10C offering instant heat and freedom of movement. The top is well fitted and inside the layer of fluffy fibres do create fast warmth or as Zerofit call it, instant heat. This is more suited to after your training or race. It’s these fluffy fibres that help generate the heat in The Ultimate base layer top and get you back to temperature.

The Zerofit Move base layer is more aimed at the runner, and claims super fast moisture removal and no issues with cold sweat which can be a big problem post race as you cool down rapidly. The swift wicking of sweat should help with this.

Zerofit base layers

Zerofit offer a huge range of base layer clothing from socks and shorts to tops. The Thermoweave leggings offer a very stretchy thermal option to keep you warm and again, fast wicking of sweat to help you keep warm and avoid the post run chill.

Zerofit Leggings

The garments we looked at were really well constructed and had a very good fit. As base layers they covered a multitude of activities and the extra stretchy material allowed unhindered movement.

Find the full Zerofit range at their website here.

BUFF 5 Panel Running Cap £20

You are probably familiar with Buff for their multi-use neckwear that you can use in a million different ways. They pretty much cornered the market and there cannot be many runners without an original Buff or some rival brand version. Buff also make a huge range of headwear, to suit all occasions from trail to marathon.

A lightweight washable unisex running cap from Buff with a sun protection factor of 50. It’s a soft flexible cap that you can easily fit in a pack or pocket and whip out should the sun appear!

Buff Running Cap

You can visit the latest Buff range at their website here.

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