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Megmeister Long Sleeve Base Layer

What we have here is the Megmeister Drynamo Winter Long Sleeve Base Layer. It’s being put through its paces, as Autumn turns into Winter here in the UK long sleeves are now essential wear. Let’s find out how the Megmeister performs.


  • Rapid moisture management
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Body mapped design with ventilation where the body needs it
  • Ultralight
  • Anti-odour and antibacterial function
  • Light compression fit to enhance performance
  • Made in Italy
  • Composition: 44% polypropylene, 44% nylon 6.6, 12% elastane

About DRYNAMO technology

“During light sports activities, DRYNAMO controls the flow of perspiration vapour to keep the body’s thermal regulation system well balance and the skin dry. During high intensity sports activities, DRYNAMO will transfer sweat away from the skin to the surface of the fibre and onwards to the outside of the fabric and into the environment quickly and efficiently. DRYNAMO also provides excellent insulation via an insulating protective barrier, creating a breathing barrier which insulates from the outside world and carries sweat from the inside out.”

Megmeister Base Layer

That said, let’s talk about the top. Straight out of the box the material feels incredibly soft. For some reason I was expecting a slightly scratchy material but quite the opposite, its very tactile.

Pulling on the top the material stretches almost infinitely! As you’d imagine it fits snug. The material is not tight as there is so much give and is very comfortable.

Range of movement is unhindered and free. In testing and worn under a waterproof jacket it worked very well. In a hard training session sweat was able to wick away, whilst under my jacket the base layer was very comfortable. After training the garment dried very quickly. I imagine sweat would wick away fast in warmer climates.

The seamless knit is of course very comfortable without any issues.

Megmeister create performance clothing for men and women.

Find out more about the men’s and women’s performance clothing HERE.

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