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Portable Massage Gun addsfit Mini

A trend in fitness currently is the massage gun or handheld percussion massage device as they are also referred to. We have seen endless models available online and we featured the Exogun HERE. The latest device to hit our desk is the Addsfit Mini. As the name suggests the Mini is a much smaller massage device. Pocket sized it maybe but does it deliver on performance?

A pleasant unboxing experience with a nice carry case and decent instruction booklet to get you quickly started.

Addsfit Mini

It’s surprisingly small! Very small infact! The Mini is a hefty little gadget that feels bullet proof. To the touch it’s cold and tactile as the whole body is made of aluminium giving it a premium feel. Charging is via a USB C charging cable. The two supplied massage heads are also aluminium to further enhance its appeal.

It’s a tiny 12.9cm tall, the main body 4cm across. It has three speeds, 1,600, 2,500 and 3,000 RPM with an amplitude or massage movement of 6mm.

Addsfit Mini

It’s rechargeable via USB-C as mentioned and will provide up to 400 minutes of massage. The supplied heads, one being for larger muscle groups and tender areas. The second pin-points smaller muscles for precise muscle stimulation.

Addsfit Mini

The unit is not stated as waterproof in the unit documentation.

After charging the device fully there is plenty of power for many many massage sessions. The unit has held charge between sessions without issue. It’s not run out of juice over the past weeks, admittedly with occasional top-up charges but it’s had plenty of use. These charges have only been 5 to 10 minutes at most.

The Mini is very powerful for it’s size, I’m not sure I need any more massage power for daily use. The three speeds are great for post workout sessions. It offers a force range of 22-27lbs which is considerable. The Mini punches (no pun intended!) way above the level you would expect for a tiny device. The first two speeds are pretty silent in operation, the third slightly louder. You’d have to be super critical to notice the extra decibels as it delivers it’s strongest massage!

Addsfit Mini case

The addsfit has been a brilliant little device to test out. It has worked flawlessly and takes up very little space. This little gadget is one for the A list. It’s got lots of power, plenty of battery life and actually pocket sized.

To learn more about the addsfit Mini, please visit:

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