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Review: OOFOS eeZee

Recovery is an often overlooked element of your training. Not enough recovery and you soon find yourself with niggling injuries and unwanted extra rest days. Your hard working feet might be the most neglected body part when it comes to recovery, OOFOS eeZee aim to rescue your feet and we had a comforting time trying them out.

If there’s one thing the last year has been good for (and there’s got to be something), it’s recovery. We’ve done our one form of exercise – I’m guessing that’s largely running for this audience – and then many of us have had a lot of time on our hands to recover. Apart, of course, from the good people who’ve been doing an amazing job in the NHS and other key worker positions, who really haven’t had a lot of time to recover but really deserve it.


OOFOS for recovery

We’ve long been a fan of OOFOS at Run247. If you’re not aware of them, they are recovery sandals, which are designed to show your feet some TLC after exercise. They are beautifully cushioned with their special foam, which is very welcome when your feet are aching after a long run. Their arch support is also designed to take the pressure off ankles, knees and hips. Unlike flip flops, which might feel nice to put on after a few hours of your sweaty feet being cooped up in trainers, the support and cushioning in OOFOS help to aid your recovery. Their OOfoam technology actually absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear, which is a nice bonus when your feet are feeling a bit tender. 

While I was a big fan of the OOFOS sport sandals, I always had one problem with them. In the situations where they were most useful, they were sometimes a bit impractical. Walking round camp at the end of day 3 on a multi-day race? My feet need some love but, ooh they’re getting a bit soggy/cold/muddy. This meant that I had to twin them with a waterproof sock, thus reducing my cool rating by about 80%. Spending post-run time in polite company, where my disgusting ultra runner feet need to be covered? Sorry, OOFOS sandals. It’s a no-go zone. 


So when OOFOS brought out their new eeZee shoes, with all the cushioning and comfort of the sandals, but in an actual shoe form, I jumped at the chance to review them. The chance to let your feet recover but while covering up your horrible toes and looking like an adult with real shoes? What’s not to like? You can recover from your running without anybody even knowing. 

Feet relief!

Just like the sandals, they are super comfortable from the off. The cushioning in the middle of your foot feels strange at first, but you get used to the squashy sensation. And if you do suffer from sore (as in achy, they can’t help with blisters unfortunately) feet after a run they really do give your feet some relief. If you have to walk around for the rest of the day, within the confines of your house, obviously, you will definitely notice the difference. They are also incredibly light, which is also very welcome. 

If you have problems with aching feet or ankles after your run, it’s worth looking at some OOFOS footwear.

They’ve definitely helped to soothe my poor feet after many a long run. 

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