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Review: Darn Tough running socks

It’s hard to find a good pair of running socks. It seems like such a simple piece of kit but the wrong socks can ruin your running day. Then, when you do find some socks you like, you often find that you put your toe through the material within a few wears and it’s back to the drawing board. 

As runners we often find that we can spend £120+ on a pair of shoes, but we baulk at spending more than a tenner on socks. And then we replace those socks every couple of months. How about finding some really decent socks, which will be comfortable and last a long time? 

We tried out a couple of pairs of Darn Tough socks, which are GUARANTEED to last a long time and be really comfortable. They really are. This is their promise: “If our socks are not the most comfortable, durable and best fitting socks you have ever owned, return them for another pair, or your money back. No strings. No conditions. For life.” That’s quite a statement. So they’ve got to be worth a go, right? 

We tested the Darn Tough Ultra-light with Cushion socks (they come in ¼ height and ‘no show’). They’re reasonably cushioned around the toe and heel but they’re a nice fit, so there’s no bunching and they don’t feel too thick. They’re made from a lovely soft mix (49% Merino wool, 48% Nylon and 3% Lycra).

Darn Tough Run 1/4 Height Ultra-light with Cushion
Darn Tough Run 1/4 Height Ultra-light with Cushion

So how do they make such confident claims that they’re the most comfortable and durable and give a lifetime guarantee? The secret is in the construction. They make their socks with an incredibly high loop stitch count, which gives them more cushioned loops per square inch than any other sock. This makes them comfortable, and because the loops are so densely packed, they’re also incredibly durable.

The proof is in the running and we found the socks incredibly comfortable, they’re quite breathable so you don’t get that sweaty feet feeling and we had no issues with rubbing or blisters. After 6 weeks of heavy use they show no signs of poky toe holes, snags or wear.

Next time you’re in need of some new running (or hiking) socks, it’s definitely worth trying some Darn Tough socks. They’re built to last and we should all be looking for more sustainable kit these days. The lifetime guarantee should tell you all you need to know! 

Darn Tough Run 1/4 Height Ultra-light with Cushion view here.

Darn Tough Run No Show Tab Ultra-light with Cushion view here.

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