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361° launch their Fierce trainer, a perfect everyday running shoe for under £100?

We have had the pleasure to test out many of the 361° shoes over the years on RUN247 (HERE) and on our sister site TRI247 (HERE).  We are pleased to share their news about a new addition to the lineup.

The team at 361° ( are pleased to launch the newest trainer in their range, the Fierce. An innovative new style for 2020, the 361° Fierce is billed the perfect all-round trainer, making it a versatile option for runners and fitness enthusiasts alike.

361 Fierce

In true 361° tradition the Fierce is packed full of technical features; from a proprietary high-rebound QU!K Spring+ technology in the midsole to provide more rebound and reduced compression to an EVA foam construction that is lightweight, soft and flexible.

It features an engineered knit upper, for comfort and fit, and the inbuilt pressure-free tongue construction contours the instep of the foot to avoid tongue migration or irritation during flexion. The Ortholite insole, made of 20% recycled material, adds further breathability and comfort. 

Suzie Cave, 361° Europe Ambassador and Great British Modern Pentathlete says “The Fierce is such an amazing all-round shoe. Not only is it comfortable and both light for long or short runs, I wear this for weekday walks and shopping. In the gym, I can so easily switch between doing treadmill sessions and my strength work without needing to worry about my footwear choice.”

We’re so excited to launch the Fierce. This shoe embodies our dedication and commitment to support athletes of all levels and abilities. The Fierce will support you to perform beyond your expectations. You can do more than you think you can.”  commented Jurian Elstgeest, Managing Director of 361° Europe and EMEA

Available sizes:

  • Male 6-12 (UK) Female 4-9 (UK)
  • Weight: Male 279grams (UK size 8), Female 229grams (UK size 5)
  • Drop: Male: 8mm, Female: 8mm
  • Stack: F/F 15.5mm, R/F 23.5mm
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