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First Look: Salomon Sonic 3 Accelerate

Salomon say: The lightweight SONIC 3 ACCELERATE training shoe is packed with features designed to optimize your speed training: Optivibe reduces vibrations to limit muscle fatigue, a geometric decoupling axis promotes a quick forward transition and road-specific Sensifit fits your foot like a glove.

Key features:

  • Price: £130
  • Weight: 223g
  • Drop (in mm): 6
Salomon Sonic 3 Accelerate

RUN247 say: Salomon are offering the Sonic 3 Accelerate in five colour options:

  • For Women: Cerise, Camellia, Black
  • For Men: Safety Yellow, Hawaiian Ocean, Black

On test with RUN247 are the mens Hawaiian Ocean which feature contrasting red laces. The Sonic 3’s come with a list of features for your running enjoyment. Build quality is high as you would expect from Salomon with good toe space and fit.

Salomon Sonic 3 Accelerate
  • Optivibe – features two densities of foam, one to dampen and one to spring you forward with reduced fatigue
  • Geometric Decoupling – should allow free flexing of the outsole for greater foot movement
  • Ortholite Impressions tongue – designed to mould to the foot for a customised fit
  • Featherlight collar – is a minimal seamless collar for plenty of comfort

Slipping into the shoes the Ortholite insole is very comfortable and the top of the foot is caressed by the Ortholite tongue. Comfort is not in question despite its minimal design and weight, it’s perfectly comfortable for a lightweight shoe.

The featherlight collar becomes noticeable, or not, in fact. Straight away things feel different and the collar is cut right back with a seam free skirt all around the heel/ankle area. Initially this feels like the shoe should slip off and I felt myself curling my toes to stop them falling off. The collar sits lower down around your heel. After walking around a little, breaking into a jog it stays firmly in place, quite secure. It’s a different feeling but I soon forgot about it altogether.

The Salmons felt nice and lightweight and the outsole was grippy and responsive.

Overall there is plenty to like with the Sonic 3’s, the comfort and weight was good, the only thing to consider is the heel collar. This might be a shoe to try on before you buy but definitely not a reason to not buy. A solid racer/training shoe well worth a look.

Find out more here.

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