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New X-TALON G 235 Released by inov-8

inov-8 has now added graphene to the soles of a number of its shoes, some new models, some much-loved inov-8 classics. Their latest offering is definitely in the latter category. Today (5th December) they’re releasing their first graphene version of an inov-8 classic, the X-TALON.

The X-TALON has been a bestseller for inov-8 for over 10 years now. Fell, trail and mountain runners, as well as obstacle course competitors swear by its ability to tackle mud. The new X-TALON G 235 now joins the TERRAULTRA G 260, MUDCLAW G 260 and F-LITE G 290 shoes in the brand’s premium G-SERIES portfolio.

Here’s the technical info on the new X-TALON:

Weight: 235g.
Drop: 6mm.
Stack height: 13mm at the rear / 7mm at the front.
Outsole: Graphene-Grip rubber with 8mm studs.
Midsole: POWERFLOW+ technology delivers 10% better shock absorption & 25% better energy return. Flexible META-PLATE adds underfoot protection.
Upper: Seamless, hard-wearing ballistic nylon material with rubber-printed rand.
RRP: £140

The grip of the new inov-8 X-TALON G 235
The important bit – the 8mm studs

We’ve got a pair to test and with winter well and truly here the 8mm studs couldn’t have come at a better time. On first impressions the shoe looks stripped back and simplified. It reminds us of the 210. The flexible, yet tough, water resistant material of X-TALONS past covers the majority of the upper with really only a rubber reinforced protective area around the toebox for company. The shoe feels very lightweight and it’s quite clear to see that inov-8 has designed a shoe that claws back and disregards any unnecessary weight that its predecessors might’ve carried.

So obviously the biggest change from previous versions is the addition of graphene in the sole. What’s the big deal about graphene? It’s the strongest material in the world, 200 times stronger than steel, and when it’s infused with the rubber in outsoles it allows them to be both sticky and durable. The holy grail of grippy shoes.

Michael Price, COO of inov-8, who remain the first and only company in the world to use graphene in sports shoes, said:
“What we’ve been able to do is bring all this history and heritage together, turn rock into rubber, and design the ultimate X-TALON shoe with the world’s toughest grip.

“With fierce 8mm studs that will retain their length for longer, a protective and lightly cushioned midsole, plus a seamless, one-piece upper that is both flexible and durable, the X-TALON G 235 will give users unparalleled confidence to run fast over all soft ground and extreme terrain.”

The X-TALON G 235 is on sale now. Discover more at

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