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Saucony Launch their Full Endorphin Collection

We recently featured the launch of the new Endorphin Pro from Saucony here. Today we announce two new models in the lineup, the Endorphin Speed and Shift, which form the remainder of the Endorphin collection.

Developed with 12 world class athletes who ran over 5,000 miles in 25 prototypes. Throughout testing and perfecting the shoes with elite runners, Saucony uncovered how they generate speed with minimal energy loss, and created shoes that bring those benefits to life for everyone to run in.

The complete line up that will offer an option for every kind of run: race day, speed day and every day.

Endorphin Pro – Race Day

It’s the fastest shoe they claim Saucony has ever built. Featuring their S-curve carbon fibre plate for powerful transitions, along with ultralight and springy PWRRUN PB cushioning, the resulting SPEEDROLL Saucony states, “these shoes weren’t made for chasing personal bests. They were made for smashing them.” 

Endorphin Pro

Endorphin Speed – Speed Day – £155

The Endorphin SPEED offers a shoe that can transition from up-tempo workouts to race day, helping runners run faster, easier. It combines a full-length, semi-rigid nylon plate for snappy transitions with springy PWRRUNPB, Saucony’s lightest, most responsive cushioning material yet. The resulting SPEEDROLL helps generate more from each stride by propelling runners forward with the feeling of continuous momentum. And with plenty of durability, they’re a pair of shoes that can go the distance at top speed throughout every run, and every season.

Key features:

  • Category: Neutral
  • Offset: 8mm (35.5/27.5)
  • Weight: Men 7.8oz (221g)
  • Sizes: Men 7-13,14,15
Endorphin Speed

Endorphin Shift – Everyday – £130

The Endorphin SHIFT combines a lofty bed of PWRRUN cushioning with stability features to create a truly effortless ride. The secret is in its thicker midsole, which results in a stiffer forefoot and delivers SPEEDROLL’s feeling of continuous momentum without the need for a plate. With supportive details from the heel forward, it gives you faster, feel-good runs every day of the week.

Key features:

  • Category: Neutral
  • Offset: 4mm (38/34)
  • Weight: Women 9.5oz (269g)
  • Sizes: Women 5-12
Endorphine Shift

Gareth Lloyd, Saucony UK Marketing Manager stated: “If you’re looking to get faster this summer then this is the collection for you. We’ve worked tirelessly with the pros and the designers to help create a range that focuses on aiding all of the stages of the speed development process and making sure you are race day ready. We want to empower runners to become quicker with the Endorphin Collection and to enjoy the process in getting there.”

The Endorphin Collection is available from the 1st July.

To find out more information please visit their website here.

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