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Under Armour launch new HOVR shoe models

Under Armour (UA) are pleased to unveil the latest 3 additions to the brand’s line of HOVR ‘connected cushioning’ running shoes. The HOVR Machina 2, HOVR Infinite 3 and HOVR Sonic 4.

The UA HOVR Machina, come digitally connected, allowing runners not only to track and analyse their runs, but also to gain an insight into their running form. In 2020, UA took connected running to the next level with the introduction of real-time Form Coaching. This personalised feature helps every runner ensure that their form doesn’t break down in the middle of a run by providing real-time guidance, helping runners better manage their risk of injury and improve their performance.

HOVR Women’s Family

Runners can also measure their foot strike angle and ground contact time, offered in a post-run analysis, to give them deeper insights into their form. Especially useful on longer runs where the form may tend to break down due to fatigue. All of these features are available with an easy-to-use connection to MapMyRun, part of the world’s largest digital health and fitness community of 270 million users. 

Key features: 

  • New shoes include HOVR Machina (£140), HOVR Infinite 3 (£130) and HOVR Sonic 4 (£105)
  • Under Armour athletes have linked more than one million pairs of the brand’s connected shoes to MapMyRun so far.
  • Last year, the system became even smarter with a real-time Form Coaching.
  • Using anonymous data, between January 1 and September 25 last year, from nearly 87,000 runners. Those who engaged the digital coach ran 7% faster and 3% farther than the average for all runners using the app.
HOVR Men’s Family

HOVR Machina 2 (£140)

Originally introduced in January 2020, the UA HOVR Machina mixes the speed of a racing shoe with the comfort of a long-distance trainer. The HOVR Machina 2 features a high-ventilation mesh fabric for improved breathability and reduced weight, as well as a new tongue construction that is thinner and retains less moisture. 

HOVR Infinite 3 (£130)

The UA HOVR Infinite is the foundation of the UA HOVR run footwear range. Introduced in 2018 and created for distance training, the ultra-performance shoe aims to provide goal-oriented runners with a consistent feel through longer mileage. The HOVR Infinite 3 features a brand new HOVR midsole with 30% more HOVR cushioning for an even more energised ride and fewer internal layers for a lighter feel.

HOVR Sonic 4 (£105)

Created for the runner who wants something easy to throw on with no distractions, the UA HOVR Sonic offers a blend of cushioning and responsiveness. The HOVR Sonic 4 features a high-ventilation mesh fabric for improved breathability and fewer internal layers for a lighter feel.

Visit the Under Armour website for full details HERE.

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