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Vivobarefoot introduces new standard in collaboration with Michelin for natural movement on both land and sea

Ahead of World Ocean Day on Monday 8 June, minimalist footwear brand Vivobarefoot has released its brand new high-performance, amphibious shoe – the Tempest. We will be testing out the shoe very soon.

Allowing natural movement on both land and sea, the Tempest sets a new standard in amphibious performance. With its streamlined design aiding movement at sea, the lightweight shoe has excellent drainage when back on land. The shoe offers excellent grip thanks to a sole designed by famed tyre manufacturer Michelin. The latest innovation from Vivobarefoot is the first shoe in the brand’s new Extreme Survival Collection (ESC) and the ultimate off-road performance shoe to escape the city.


Originally created for SwimRun (find out more about SwimRun HERE) endurance sports, the Tempest is the first in Vivobarefoot’s new Extreme Survival Collection (ESC) and is the ultimate off-road performance footwear to escape the city with uninterrupted natural movement on both land and sea. 

The Tempest offers a comfortable, barely-there fit for easy transition from trails to sea and features a lace locking system, a streamlining lace pocket to aid hydrodynamics and a seamless sock construction for a second skin feeling. The foam heel adds protection on the trails and increased floatation in the water. It’s made using algae-based BLOOM technology, which helps to clean and restore ecosystems when harvested, improving biodiversity in natural habitats.

Vivobarefoot Temptest ESC

Designed to seamlessly perform in and out of the water, Vivobarefoot developed an algorithm that mimics natural growth patterns found in oceanic ‘brain coral’ structures.

This distinctive pattern was used to create a lightweight cage that achieves breathability and flexibility with protection, whilst allowing water drainage with every step on land or stroke in water. True to the Vivobarefoot minimalist design ethos, this structure uses as few materials as possible to maximise durability, performance, quality and that signature Vivobarefoot feel.

All Sole

The sole is designed in collaboration with French tire manufacturer Michelin. Blending their technical expertise with Vivobarefoot’s focus on a natural foot shape. Thus, creating the lightest, fastest and grippiest rubber on the planet, so your feet can stick to the ground with every step. The specific tread designdeveloped exclusively for the brand, allow the wearer to have traction, adherence and adaptability to different terrains, including the most irregular ones.

Asher Clark, co-founder and chief design office at Vivobarefoot, says: “The perfect shoe is perfect for feet. The perfect SwimRun shoe is perfect for trails. This is a minimalist shoe with maximised off-road performance unlike any shoe on the planet. If you are looking to truly re-wild and re-connect with your feet and the way you move in nature – the Tempest is the standout choice!”

Key Features And Benefits:

  • Lace locking system and lace pocket to aid hydrodynamics in the water
  • Quick-draining mesh and recycled plastic PET ankle sock construction designed to keep your feet comfortable for an easy transition from trail to sea 
  • Bio-based Bloom EVA midsole gives additional flotation in water and protection on land
  • Super sticky rubber outsole developed in collaboration with Michelin to keep your footing stable
  • Design allows increased water drainage with every step

The Tempest is available now at their website and retails at £170. The ESC will include additional styles across active and outdoor categories throughout the rest of 2020.

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