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INCUS announces NOVA Run performance metrics

INCUS Performance (, developers of the INCUS NOVA wearable fitness tracker, have today announced the addition of running integration metrics to the product. The INCUS NOVA was developed for gathering accurate swimming data for detailed analysis.

Metrics such as running power, cadence, pace, take-off acceleration and landing deceleration will now join the list of performance data that can already be captured within a swimming environment.

We’ll be testing out the new functionality with our sister website, watch this space.

Swim and run packages

The INCUS Nova is available to buy in single-sport bundles from just £199.99, and the NEW Swim Run bundle from £299.99. The bundles come with everything you need to start using the device; including relevant INCUS-enabled apparel, the INCUS Nova device, charging cable and reference guide.


The run specific bundle purchase page is HERE.

Here’s the launch information on the new product updates to the NOVA device


The team behind the INCUS | NOVA wearable releases a wireless update for the device, to allow for access to new performance metrics for running. These include running power, cadence and pace, which can be useful in the monitoring of fitness and running efficiency.


INCUS Performance are delighted to release the first running performance integrations for INCUS NOVA as a BETA, after the success of their swimming launch in February 2020. The INCUS NOVA is a small wearable device, worn in compatible apparel at the top of the spine, that measures detailed performance statistics for automated feedback to improve technique and performance. 


Swim, run and cycle coming soon…

Originally developed for analysis of swimming, the device has now been updated with Phase 1 of INCUS CLOUD Run, the analytics engine that processes motion data from the NOVA and displays results on your smartphone. Initially launching as a BETA for android users, the CLOUD app and NOVA device will receive further updates for improved running features in the coming months, and will also extend to cycling metrics in the future. iOS compatibility for the running integration is expected in early-December 2020.    


Phase 1 of the CLOUD run will unlock the power of NOVA’s inbuilt MARG motion sensors to measure running metrics with new levels of quality, including: Running Power; Average Pace; Cadence; Take-off acceleration and Landing deceleration, with Left/Right balance; Elevation profile and Distance . Post-session, data is synced from the NOVA to the CLOUD app for detailed analysis of the session. Once in the CLOUD, INCUS begins to build a picture of the athlete’s training and can provide insights to help improve running efficiency and speed and assess recovery and fatigue – unlocking an athlete’s potential.


Alistair Brownlee, who recently announced his investment into INCUS Performance and joined the team as a strategic advisor, said, “Through many years spent competing as a professional athlete, I’m more aware than most of the importance of carefully monitoring training load to reach peak performance.’ Brownlee continues, ‘I’m extremely honoured to be working with Chris Ruddock and the team at INCUS Performance to help them to pave the way for some of the most exciting advancements in sports performance technology. I believe the feedback that the INCUS | NOVA can provide will be a game changer for those seeking to train and race at their best; with unrivalled insights and data at their fingertips, enabling them to get the very most out of each and every training session.’

Running Metrics (available at launch):

  • Total distance
  • Pace
  • Average pace (min/km) (session and splits)
  • Session duration
  • Cadence (session and splits) 
  • Running power
  • Take off acceleration
  • Landing deceleration
  • Elevation profile
  • Total elevation
  • Run/Walk/Rest breakdown
  • Digital logbook 
  • Pain monitoring (qualitative) 
  • GPS syncing (phone only)

The INCUS team can be found on the following social media channels 

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