July 19, 2018

YAMAtune – Sake, Sushi and Socks

Paul Shanley went to an evening of sake, sushi and socks, hosted by YAMAtune socks.
By Paul Shanley

Japan is not the first place you think of when someone mentions running socks so we were intrigued when we got invited to an evening of Sake, Sushi and Socks by Japanese brand YAMAtune. Paul Shanley went along to the YAMAtune London offices for what was a fun evening of everything Japanese.

Sake, Sushi and Socks

Having never been to Japan my limited knowledge is pretty much that they drink Sake and like to eat Sushi and they are nation that loves running. From their own events to travelling to races all over the world, it is not uncommon to see a large contingency of Japanese runners at events.  YAMAtune, based in the north of Japan have recently launched in the UK starting with a successful show at the National Running Show in Birmingham back in January (so successful they have already booked their stand for 2019). At the show they demonstrated their range of running socks to the UK market and by all accounts the range went down well with the runners.

YAMAtune socks
Kiyoyasu Ito President of YAMAtune and Alan Hsu UK CEO

YAMAtune Heritage

Located in the North of Japan, in the region of Hokkaido, the town of Higashikawa is the home of YAMAtune. It is this region and the beautiful surroundings of the Daisetsuzan National Park that has inspired us since 1963 to create socks that offer the ultimate in comfort and performance.

I sat down with Kiyoyasu Ito President of YAMAtune, Sylvia Kerambrum UK Business Development manager and Alan Hsu UK CEO to find out more about the brand and the socks:

YAMAtune socks
Plenty of Sake, Sushi and Socks!

To find out more and to look at the YAMAtune running range visit their UK website HERE.

Article by
Paul Shanley