Product Feature: A Tea for your Knees

If you suffer from knee pain, adding an unusual cup of tea to your diet might prove a simple and natural remedy. Introducing Burdock Root Tea.

Many of us will know burdock as an ingredient in the sugary drink Dandelion & Burdock, but its root can also be used to make a herbal tea. Although, until now, burdock root tea has not been readily available in the UK, research1 has shown the drink could help with knee inflammation.

(1) Int J Rheum Dis. 2016 Mar;19(3):255-61. Effects of Arctium lappa L. (Burdock) root tea on inflammatory status and oxidative stress in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Maghsoumi-Norouzabad L1, Alipoor B2, Abed R1, Eftekhar Sadat B3, Mesgari-Abbasi M4, Asghari Jafarabadi M5.)

Researchers split a group of 36 patients, with knee osteoarthritis, randomly into two. Everyone received paracetamol and glucosamine daily, with half also having burdock root tea and the other, control group, half having boiled water instead. 

At the end of the 42 day study, the scientists found that levels of certain chemicals in the body which act as indicators of inflammation (specifically Interleukin 6 and high sensitivity C-reactive protein) had reduced significantly in those drinking the tea, compared with the levels found in those in the control group drinking the boiled water, concluding 


The results suggested that Arctium lappa L. (burdock) root tea improves inflammatory status and oxidative stress in patients with knee osteoarthritis’.

Try Burdock root tea

Natur Boutique specialise in herbal teas and have just launched the UK’s first organic burdock root tea. To find out more, or to buy, visit or ask at your local health shop.

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