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Review: XMiles Trial Packs and Monthly boxes

Founded in 2014 by Anthony Clark Dorset based XMiles is delivering a vast selection of nutrition products in addition to apparel, skin care, fitness equipment and accessories for runners, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes etc.

The nutrition market is very crowded, there are gels and bars, shakes and tablets in all kinds of flavours. Where do you start?


Not so long ago, pre Covid-19 we had a raft of sports and fitness shows and events with stands from nutrition brands offering samples so you could try out various products for taste, and texture etc. Currently these opportunities are on hold, coming back soon we hope!

So if you want to try out a range of different products what do you do? Well, you could visit XMiles and try out some of their sample boxes. XMiles offer a monthly box delivered to your door with a range of brands and fueling systems for you to try out. In the process you should be able to fine tune the products that suit you, or just keep on sampling a range of items ongoing. It’s a great way to try out something different.

The XMiles website offers you the chance to manage your subcscription and select which items you would like to receive. As mentioned, XMiles have monthly selection boxes, and in addition, 3 different monthly speciality & dietary focused selection boxes for Vegan and Gluten-Free athletes.


We had the pleasure to try out the service, sampling the following gels:

  • Hüma Chia Energy Gel – Raspberry
  • Hüma Chia Energy Gel – Blackberry and Banana
  • Hüma Chai Energy Gel – Chocolate
  • Spring – Coffee
  • Spring – Long Haul
  • Unived Elite Gel – Vanila Sea Salt
  • Unived Gel – Black Cherry
  • Kendal mint Co – Raspberry and Mint
  • Kendal Mint Co – Citrus and Mint
  • Mountain Fuel – Sports Jelly – Lemon and Lime
  • Mountain Fuel – Ultra Chia Gel Apple and Cinnamon
  • Mountain Fuel – Ultra Chia Gel – Raspberry
  • ORS Hydration Tablet – Blackcurrant

Hüma Energy, Spring Energy and Unived are exclusive to XMiles. Our delivery arrived promptly and nicely packaged.

There is a good depth of information on their website and they do offer some very good nutritional information including support for your training be it marathon or triathlon.

Huma energy, Unived gel

We found that the trial box came supplied with a good mix of gels, some we have tried previously such as the Kendal Mint Co gels we featured on our sister website here.

Included in our selection were some very interesting flavours, all of which were very palatable. The Hüma Chai Energy Gel – Chocolate and Unived Gel – Black Cherry were new ones we have not tried previously and were well received.

We had a very professional and friendly experience with the team at XMiles, we can highly recommend them and their chosen product range, not just nutrition, check out their website or visit their store in Dorset.

You can find out more at their website here.

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