Science in Sport Launch PROTEIN20 Bar

We all know that protein is important for us runners. We need it for muscle repair, recovery and adaptation. But it’s often an element that we neglect. So it’s often one of those times when a bar is a convenient way to get some protein post-run. This is where the Science in Sport PROTEIN20 bar comes in.

There are many protein bars and shakes out there already. Science in Sport themselves do their own Protein Bar, so why do they need another? Their new PROTEIN20 bar is designed as a day-to-day snack. In their own words ‘both Science in Sport protein bars have 20 g of protein. The SiS Protein Bar is a more complete recovery option with higher sugar, for use on hard training days or after tough sessions. Whereas PROTEIN20 is a high protein, low sugar protein bar for daily snacking. Ideal for after a gym session, easy spin or recovery run, where a lower carbohydrate intake is required.’

The other difference with many other protein bars is that this one actually tastes really nice. We tried the dark chocolate brownie flavour, which was moist and crumbly, with crunchier chocolate on the outside. There’s also chocolate peanut crunch and vanilla cheesecake flavours.

So, if you want a bar with 20g of protein, which tastes nice, the Science in Sport PROTEIN20 could be worth a try. Find out more about the nutritional info HERE.

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