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British 800m runner Adelle Tracey’s winter training tips

We recently had the pleasure to be involved with the NURVV RUN launch and several video calls with the team and one of those calls was with Adelle Tracey. She has provided some helpful tips to get us through the winter.

Motivation during winter training

I’ve been using Nurvv over the last two months while building into my winter mileage after a brief end of season break. The data I’ve received from each recorded run through the Nurvv trackers, has given me a greater awareness of biomechanics, helping me understand what each running metric means for me. Seeing my cadence, step length, balance and pronation contribute to improving my overall running health has been really satisfying. Particularly at this time of year when it’s difficult to notice progress running with a lot of miles in the legs.

NURVV RUN and Adelle Tracey

Using the analyse feature on the Nurvv run app has really given me a visual overview of my training load. As an elite athlete I always want to do more to reach my goals, so seeing a detailed overview of the week can really give you an appreciation of how much demand the body is under, especially in the winter.

I am excited to see how Nurvv can help inform consistency in my running going into an important year ahead. But for now, here are some of the ways I am looking after my body and staying motivated during winter training, which I hope will resonate with anyone else working towards a running goal.

Top tips for staying motivated during Winter training…

1. Remember why you started – The hardest part is getting out the door, so having a reason to get out always helps.

2. A good playlist – Something upbeat usually makes me feel super motivated. At the moment I am listening to a lot of Burna Boy new Album ‘Twice as Tall’.

3. Run with someone – finding a training partner holds you accountable for meeting at a specific time and not putting it off. I also find it makes training more enjoyable.

4. Record training – recording my training for the week all in one place can feel really rewarding and serve as a good reference to look back at. Nurvv app stores all your running data to build a more detailed picture and offer advice on how to improve.

5. Set Goals – I know this is challenging to do in such an uncertain year but setting a goal doesn’t necessarily need to be a competition or race. A goal can be as simple as challenging yourself to stretch and roll twice a week or improve your running health score on the Nurvv run app.

Adelle Tracey and Nurvv Run

Top tips for reducing risk of injury…

1. Scheduling a rest day – I have a rest day every week for mental and physical break.

2. Pre-hab – Injury prevention strengthening exercises (Informed by the Nurvv coach, on the app). 3. Fuel & Hydrate – Important for reducing muscle fatigue, repairing and rebuilding to get stronger.

4. Stretching & Foam rolling – Help release & lengthen muscles improving range of movement.

5. Getting plenty of Sleep – Sleep is a key recovery strategy for me and I aim for 10 hours each night or nap in the day to make it up to that.

You can find out more at the NURVV RUN website HERE.

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