Realtime Metabolic Testing with Lumen

A new electronic device called Lumen has arrived via the Indiegogo funding platform and is out in the wild. We have a test unit and we will be trying it out but in the meantime here’s a bit of background into how it works and what’s involved.

How to Practise your Navigation During Lockdown

All being well we will soon be able to start looking to a relaxing of our current lockdown situation so what can you do to fill your day if you are at home, or if you’re home working, on your down time. It is useful to learn what everything is on the map so hunting through the maps key part way through an orientating event when it’s safe to get back out or even just getting out into the countryside for a walk.

Ryan Sandes’s Home Run

So your training plan’s completely scuppered, the race you were aiming for has been cancelled, life in general has become unrecognisable and entire countries the world over are in lockdown.

Top of The Docs

We thought it might be prudent and as good a time as any to give you a little rundown on some of the best running documentary films out there to fill any spare time you might find yourself with.