Champillon by Roberto Roux

Tor des Geants is Coming!

September 9th sees the start of one of the year’s most awe-inspiring races: Tor des Geants. We take a look at this race and what makes it so special.

Tom Evans CCC (c) Carreras de Montana

UTMB 2018: the Year of the Brits!

It was one of the best line-ups we’ve ever seen at UTMB this year and the British runners were a big part of that. Here’s the news on the top Brits at this year’s race!

UTMB start line

Let’s Play Fantasy UTMB

With a great UTMB line-up this year we started thinking ‘who would be on that ultimate start line?’ if you could have any athlete from any era? Here’s our fantasy UTMB

Beer mile

5 Races with a Difference

Bored of the same old running routes and the same old races? Why not try one of the many ‘different’ races out here? Here’s our top 5 suggestions.