Winning Times for the Lakeland 100 and Lakeland 50

What is now the Montane Lakeland 100/50 started in 2008 from humble beginnings. Around 30 runners started each race then, and only 11 finished in the 100. That year Steve Birkinshaw won the 100 and no women completed it. Nowadays there are a lot more finishers (though still up to 60% do not finish in the 100), and several women have finished in the top 10 overall, but it hasn’t got any easier.

We thought we’d take a look at how the winning times for this race have come down over the years. Of course the weather can play a big part – it’s been run in hot conditions and some fairly hideous wet conditions – but it’s also attracted some of the best trail and mountain runners in the country, which has led to some incredibly fast times.

Here’s all the winners and their times from the Lakeland 100

YearMen's winnerTimeWomen's winnerTime
2008 Steve Birkinshaw23.40
2009Andy Rankin22.46Rachael Lawrance31.47
2010Stuart Mills24.10Britta Sendlhofer32.19
2011Terry Conway21.58Gaynor Price28.24
2012Terry Conway19.50Rachel Hill28.47
2013Stuart Mills22.17Lizzie Wraith24.15
2014Marco Consani21.14Debbie Martin-Consani25.28
2015Paul Tierney20.42Carol Morgan25.47
2016Mike Jones20.30Beth Pascall21.29
2017Mike Jones20.32Sabrina Verjee23.15
2018Ken Sutor22.55Sabrina Verjee23.05

And the same for the Lakeland 50

YearMen's winnerTimeWomen's winnerTime
2008Gerrard Moore12.03Britta Sendlhofer16.10
2009Mark Palmer8.29Lucy Colquhoun9.51
2010Andrew James7.46Sarah Rowell9.58
2011Craig Stewart8.18Poppy Lenton11.04
2012Steve Angus8.30Tracy Dean8.38
2013Ben Abdelnoor7.39Katherine Brougham9.44
2014Kim Collison7.48Jo Meek8.43
2015Jayson Cavill8.04Sally Fawcett8.43
2016Jayson Cavill7.38Sabrina Verjee8.54
2017Caspar Kaars Sijpesteijn7.34Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn8.02
2018Oliver Thorogood7.36 Katie Kaars Sijpesteijn8.12

The race takes place this weekend – 26th to 28th July – and you can follow all the action live here

Find out more about the Montane Lakeland 100 and 50 here and put it on your bucket list!