Dot watching

The Sport of Dot Watching

There’s a new sport which is really taking off – it’s the sport of dot watching! Every weekend thousands of us are hunched over laptops and phones watching a slow moving dot on a screen.

Chrissie Wellington comeback

Top 5 Running Comebacks

After seeing Tiger Woods and his amazing comeback to win the Masters at the weekend, we thought we’d think about some of the best running comebacks we’ve seen.

Lakeland Trails feet

Sorry You’ve Got The Wrong Number

Bib swapping is often seen as a crime that doesn’t really hurt anybody. I mean, you’ve paid for the number, it’s up to you what you do with it, right? We’d argue that it’s wrong for several reasons.

TDS 2013

Could you be Overdoing the Ultras?

Ultrarunning seems to have hit the mainstream recently, which is great in many ways, but are too many runners now doing too many ultras, without fully recovering?

Dan Lawson

Running Highlights of 2018

2018 was another incredible year for running, with inspirational performances all around you. We couldn’t possibly summarise it all, so we bring you our highlights of the year and shine a light on the runners we were inspired by.

Could 2019 Be the Year of Adventure?

If you’re looking for that next fitness challenge for 2019, Quest Adventure Series make the case that 2019 should be the year of adventure! Here’s some reasons to try adventure racing.