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First Look: inov-8 TERRAULTRA G 270

Officially launching today the inov-8 TERRAULTRA G 270 promises to deliver another winning shoe as it develops and evolves the TERRAULTRA model. We got a peak of the new shoe prior to todays launch and a full review will be coming shortly.

Key Features:

  • Outsole rubber: Graphene-Grip (World’s Toughest Grip)
  • Cleat depth: 4mm
  • Fit: Grade 5 (inov-8 fit scale in the toe box is 1-5, with 5 being the widest)
  • Midsole stack height: 12mm in the heel & 12mm in the forefoot

First impressions of the shoe are very positive, the fit is solid and there is good support. The toe box sizing allows for swelling during longer runs.

A more aggressive outsole is very grippy and as we get to test the shoe more thoroughly we hope to see how the longer durability claims stand up.

If you’re a fan of the 260 or looking at a reason to consider the new model then the following improvements over the existing shoe will be of interest. We also have some product details and information from inov-8 about the launch of the new shoe.


  • Improved use of Graphene-Grip rubber. Cleats repositioned in key areas and flex grooves fine-tuned for agile sticky traction that lasts longer.
  • Graphene is the world’s strongest material. inov-8 are the first – and only – brand to use it in sports shoes due to their partnership with Graphene experts at The University of Manchester. It delivers the world’s toughest grip – insane sticky traction and increased durability. 
  • 4mm deep cleats all now armed with water dispersion channels and rubber dimples. This gives even better grip on hard wet trails.

Midsole & Insole:

  • New POWERFLOW MAX foam. Delivers improved plush cushioning that retains its thickness and optimum level of performance for twice as long. A 3mm increase in stack height (from 9mm to 12mm) further enhances underfoot comfort.
  • The new foam gives 20% more energy return than its predecessor for a snappier, bouncy feel with every stride. Perfect for tired legs deep into an ultramarathon.
  • The new foam uses a blend of elements, with a higher percentage of TPU (Thermo PolyUrethane) than the TERRAULTRA G 260 for increased energy return. Greater anti-abrasion properties help maintain the thickness and optimum performance for longer. 
  • Unique BOOMERANG insole. This features hundreds of expanded TPU beads that compress and then spring back for 40% more energy return – and greater cushioning – than previous insoles. Tested to retain its thickness and optimum performance level for longer.


  • New ADAPTERFIT technology allows the fit of the upper to adjust to natural movements and swelling of the foot when running long distances. Redesigned lightweight tongue and wide toe-box further aid comfort.
  • Stronger upper materials retain a soft feel but give more protection and durability, especially around the edge of the forefoot, plus a smoother feel on the inner.

Introducing the all new inov-8 TERRAULTRA G 270. Featuring an improvement in its pioneering use of Graphene-Grip and a new plush cushioning foam that delivers greater energy return for longer. The TERRAULTRA G 270 is the ultimate shoe for big trail miles.

An evolution of the TERRAULTRA G 260. The shoe won multiple awards including Best Trail Running Shoe 2018 by Runner’s World UK.

Among its testers has been Damian Hall, one of the world’s leading ultramarathon runners, who will wear them to attempt a Fastest Known Time (FKT) on the 268-mile Pennine Way (England’s oldest National Trail).

The boom in ultra running

Michael Price, COO of inov-8, who are based in the UK’s Lake District, said: “Ultramarathon running has boomed in recent decades, with studies (Read article here) showing a 1600% increase in participation of events further in distance than a marathon.

“Our first specifically designed shoe for these committed runners, the TERRAULTRA G 260, featuring the world’s toughest grip, was a huge success. It has become the best-selling trail shoe in the history of our own website retail channel, with sales doubling in the past year.“

“Now, following an 18-month period in which we gathered feedback from ultramarathon runners across the world, we are ready to launch the TERRAULTRA G 270. It features several small, yet crucially detailed, improvements that will make a big difference in performance. The best just got even better.”


As well as the improved use of Graphene-Grip rubber and outsole flex grooves to aid long-lasting sticky traction. The new POWERFLOW MAX midsole foam delivers 20% more energy return and retains its optimum cushioning levels for twice as long as its predecessor. This ensures a snappy and responsive ride at all times, even deep into an ultramarathon.

The new BOOMERANG insole boasts a 40% increase in energy return versus the previous footbed. ADAPTERFIT technology in the upper works with the foot to adapt to any swelling or changes in terrain. This offers improved overall comfort.

The TERRAULTRA G 270 launches today (July 16th, 2020), priced at £145 / €170 / $160. Find out more at their website here.

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