GNR Solo – November Accumulator Challenge

The Great Runs team have a brand new challenge that really takes the biscuit.  It’s a chance to unleash your inner star runner & earn yourself a guilt free treat every Tuesday night.

The challenge is to complete a baker’s dozen of runs (13 or more) of any distance in November – you can run at any pace and distance comfortable for you.  If you complete 13 runs by 30 November, you will receive a mouthwateringly awesome medal.

GNR Solo

The icing on the cake is an optional distance challenge.  Depending how far you run over your 13 (or more) runs, you will be awarded with a bespoke digital finishers certificate to download and share:

  • Flour power – 40 Miles
  • Piece of cake – 75 miles
  • The winner bakes all – 125 miles
GNR Solo

The challenge started on 1 November and costs £10 to join.  Your challenge joining fee includes a unique finishers medal, training plans & tips, and access to an online run tracking tool.  You can join anytime from now up to Monday 9 November at 10am, when entries close.

This challenge has all the ingredients you need to be your greatest in November… but have you got the recipe for success?

Find out more about the challenge and enter here:

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