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Sir Mo Farah joins Therabody as Athlete Ambassador

Therabody announced today, British Olympian Sir Mo Farah, will be joining its team of athlete ambassadors. You may have previously known Therabody as Theragun.

Sir Mo gives us an insight into the needs of an elite athlete and how it can fit in with your activities.

“Theragun’s portability and personalisation makes it such a valuable recovery tool for me. I love to use the Theragun right before training to help activate my muscles, and I have noticed I am not as tight after I finish a run. And then of course it helps me properly cool-down and recover so the next day, I can go out and do it again,” explains Farah.

As a professional athlete, I am always looking for new ways to recover and Therabody has given me what I need with products that work. It’s exciting for me to be a part of a brand that I truly believe will help my performance,” said Therabody Athlete, Sir Mo Farah.

As a professional athlete, you have to look after the mind and body. Recovery is an important part of each aspect. When I prioritise recovery, I am able to perform better because mentally I know I have done all I can to help my body be its best physically.

The training leading up to a race is the hardest part of what I do, but it is also my favorite part. I enjoy the process of preparing myself in advance of competition. Running is not complicated, you get out what you put in. You have to be willing to put in the work to be the best, and if you do, you can get there. Looking after yourself is key and if you do that, you can perform better.

There is no room for two or three days of rest in what I do, which is why a recovery routine is so essential. I eat well and recover wellso I can maintain a consistent training schedule. Therabody is a huge part of that routine for me.

In being an ambassador for Therabody I am excited to introduce their products to so many everyday runners that don’t know howimportant recovery is, but will see what it can do for them.

Therabody, specifically Theragun and RecoveryAir (we featured the RecoveryAir here), have made a massive difference in my training. Many people don’t know howimportant recovery is in preventing injury and performing better. The personalization and accessibility of Therabody products and finding out what works for you makes recovery enjoyable.

I love that with Theragun I can take recovery anywhere with me – I can just put it in my bag wherever I go.

I love using the Theragun different attachments for different areas. I personalise my treatment whether I am using it on my achilles, hamstrings, or calves – it’s so easy.

Using Theragun 10-15 min before going to bed has been amazing for my sleep which is another essential aspect of recovery.

Theragun can help any runner, whether they are professional or not. It is a way of keeping your body loose and it can help everybody. 

I want to keep running as long as I can, and Theragun will help me do  that.

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Written by
Andy Tomlinson

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