Spartan And Tough Mudder Make Big Splash

Spartan and Tough Mudder have announced Actiph Water as their “Official Finish Line Water Partner” in the UK for the 2021 event seasons. The partnership aims to educate participants on the importance of hydration leading up to, during and post race day, ultimately inspiring them to push beyond their limits and lead an active lifestyle. 

“No matter what the challenge may be during a Spartan or Tough Mudder event, staying hydrated is crucial,” said Emily leRoux, Director of Global Partnerships at Spartan. “But, how many of us really understand the real importance of hydration? We’re excited to have partnered with Actiph this season to answer that question so we can educate and inspire Spartans and Mudders alike to pursue active lifestyles as part of our global community.”

Actiph Water

As part of the partnership, Actiph will provide its alkaline ionised water at the finish lines of all five Spartan UK and ten Tough Mudder UK 2021 events to help participants rehydrate and recover effectively.   

“We believe we are happiest and most fulfilled when we are active, so we’re continually trying to inspire and energise our tribe to live an active, boundless life where nothing is impossible. We’re super excited to be the Official Finish Line Water Partner of Spartan UK and Tough Mudder UK, who share these same values, and we’re looking forward to charging Spartans and Mudders up as they push themselves to and past their limits,” said Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, Actiph Founder & 7x Guinness World Record Holder.

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