Tenzing is encouraging people to “Read the Label” in our mini taste test

What are you drinking? What’s actually in your can? Tenzing are encouraging you to read the label on your next energy or soft drink. Apparently 80% of us ditch the drink when we read what’s inside the can.

The kind people at Tenzing sent us some samples to try and a little bit of background to the brand. As you would imagine they were confident we’d love the drinks. They were right. Plenty of flavour and very refreshing. In the flavours we tested there wasn’t the lingering sugary hangover some energy drinks leave you with. Thumbs up in our mini taste test.

Tenzing is encouraging people to “Read the Label” of what they’re drinking and turn their attention to the ingredients before grabbing their usual can or bottle.

Tenzing Energy Drink

In a test of 2000 people testers were asked to select an energy drink based on ingredients alone. Naturally, 8/10 people chose the plant-based ingredients over the artificial ingredients of traditional energy drinks.

“It’s incredibly interesting that if people knew what they were drinking, the majority would choose our plant-based energy. This is great news because there is no way we can compete on marketing budgets. But, where we can compete is on the product and there – according to this research – we actually win!” – Huib Van Bockel, Founder, Tenzing.

Energy drink facts…

  • 60% of Britons are concerned about artificial ingredients , such as aspartame and taurine commonly used in traditional energy drinks
  • 44% of Brits regularly consume energy drinks , driving an industry worth over £2billion in the UK

This got Huib Van Bockel thinking… “ If most people would prefer to get their energy from plants, how can we help them make the switch?” The answer is to take a little more time to “Read the Label” and ensure people know what they’re drinking.

Sugar in Drinks

For example, take a glance at a Red Bull Coconut Edition – which has a “taste of exotic coconut and fruity blueberry” – you’ll find that the drink contains zero trace of coconut or blueberry, but is instead a formula of artificial flavourings and sweeteners.

Energy drinks don’t have to be unhealthy, but can contain plant goodness. The Tenzing brand has been built on the foundation that we can get all the energy we need from Nature. Plants aren’t just tasty, they’re packed with antioxidants and vitamins that bolster your immune system, combat fatigue, and generally help you keep fit.

A can of TENZING contains:

  • A triple hit of natural caffeine, vitamin C and electrolytes from nature
  • 60% less sugar than traditional energy drinks
  • Zero artificial sweeteners & additives
  • 48 calories
  • As few as 7 ingredients, all-natural

You can find out more HERE.

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