Tough Mudder announces 2021 events

Tough Mudder UK has announced its dates for the 2021 season. With plenty of pent up racing frustration they are expecting record numbers to get back out in the mud this year.

With the speedy vaccine roll-out, the 2021 season will now kick-off in mid-summer at Tough Mudder Scotland in July, before rolling south for London West. The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock stated, “in six months, we’ll be in the middle, I hope, of a happy and free Great British summer – I have a high degree of confidence that by then the vast majority of adults will have been vaccinated”.

Tough Mudder

WHO advice

Tough Mudder has been working with Local Authorities and advisors from WHO to allow as many people safely on course this year. “Alongside our expert-backed COVID event plans, these calendar changes are the most meaningful way we’re able to ensure people can get back on course this season. These changes give people more clarity and more opportunity to get a date in the diary, commit to a new challenge, and really, have something to look forward to after what have been very difficult months in the U.K.”, said Matt Brooke, Managing Director.

“We’ve also been liaising with our peers in the mass participation sporting industry around the world, who right now are successfully hosting COVID safe events in locations across the US, the Middle East and APAC”. Brooke adds, “Through changes to our event scheduling, the roll-out of our new training programmes and virtual fitness challenges that can be done at home, we’re doing everything we can to bring some normality back to our community’s lives.”

Tough Mudder

The new Tough Mudder UK 2021 Season:

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Tough Mudder has also introduced a new start time selection tool, which not only ensures participant safety and adherence to COVID-safe policies. It also allows Mudders to choose the start-wave of their choice. “Our Mudders now have choice at their fingertips when it comes to planning their experience and with 60,000 people already locked in for the season, popular wave times are already selling out”.

To sign up for 2021, or home training plan, visit their website HERE.

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