24 New Zwift Workouts & Improved Meetup Functionality

Zwift, the global online training platform, has released 24 new workouts. 16 new run workouts and 8 cycle workouts are being introduced into the game as stand-alone workouts. Ongoing improvements to the game continue with MeetUps with better functionality – invite up to 100 people, more world choices and meet-up only view.

MeetUp-only view hides other Zwifters from the in-game view. This allows Zwifters to ride in their selected world with just their invited participants. The leaderboards will be filtered to show only those in the MeetUp, ensuring friendly competition and allowing the event to chase those leader’s jerseys. Chat will only show the messages from those in the meetup. To learn more about how to set up a MeetUp, read the blog post for run or ride

All the workouts have been specially designed with an indoor training focus to ensure maximum benefits in a condensed timeframe. Bike workouts have been designed to take no more than an hour, and can be found in the ‘Less than an hour to burn’ tab in the workouts library. These are high-intensity workouts, but cover a range of training benefits. Wave Rider, for example, focuses on Sweet Spot training known to deliver maximum training impact with minimal post-workout stress on the muscle fibres. For those really pressed on time, the Miracle workout delivers a hard-hitting session in just 20 minutes.

The new run workouts have also been designed specifically to give maximum returns for those short on time. The 16 new workouts include a mix of differing types of fartlek interval training, hill efforts and over-unders, designed to allow the body to adapt to recovering more efficiently while under stress. 

These stand-alone workouts are great ways to keep fit and active and offer an alternative to laddering up to a bigger fitness goal with a training plan. Workouts provide focused training while Zwifters stay connected to the community whether running in Watopia, Innsbruck or elsewhere. Find the workouts in the ‘less than 60 minutes to burn’ or ‘less than 30 minutes to burn’ tab in game. The full list of workouts can be found in the editors notes below. To learn more about the workouts and how to get the most out of your workout, read the blog post here.

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