On x Balboa: 20 Minute Home Workouts

On has teamed up with fitness experts Balboa to help you stay fit and energized from the comfort of your living room. Whether you’re a gym class pro or new to indoor fitness, these 20 minute workout videos are made for everyone. All you need is an open space and a healthy dose of determination.

From On, “When our routine needs a switch-up, we love to find new ways to raise our heart rate and our mood. That’s why we’ve collaborated with our local Zürich fitness studio and long-time partner, Balboa. These 20 minute videos are designed to help you sweat, burn calories and build strength. Each exercise can be achieved using just your bodyweight, so these classes can be done just about anywhere.”


First up, it’s core with Leandro

While your legs do the heavy lifting when you’re running, having a strong core can pay huge dividends. Putting time into training this area is a great way to add support and stability to your run.

“Your body is the only thing you’re guaranteed to carry with you throughout life so keep it healthy and take care of it” That’s Leo’s mantra. You can find more workout inspiration by following Leandro on Instagram, @leo.moves.

Time Under Tension with Ian

Next, Ian Holland-Coulton guides us through a killer lower-body interval training session. Push yourself just a little bit further by adding in optional weights. You’ll thank yourself later.

When Ian Holland-Coulton isn’t pushing people to their limits, he’s studying a Masters in Sports Science. Read more about Ian and the rest of the team here.

BodyBoost Legs with Andrea

This high-intensity interval training class focuses on building strength and power in your legs. But make no mistake, this will have your whole body working hard. Plenty of cardio and active rests mean this 20 minute workout is packed full of energy.

Andrea is a personal trainer and Balboa coach who’s all about constant improvement and progress. Keep up with Andrea at @andrea_nigg.

HeartCore with Manuel

The full-body, full-power, full-speed workout to make you sweat. Featuring focused core-strengthening exercises and power-intervals, this class will keep you burning calories long after you’ve caught your breath.

Check out Manuel Coimbra on Instagram at @hashtagmonolo for bodyweight exercise tips and home workout inspiration.

You can find out more about the On range of apparel and shoes at their website HERE.

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