September 1, 2020

Beginners duathlon training plan – 10 weeks

A beginners duathlon training plan designed by former UK duathlete Tom Lowe. The training programme is 10 weeks long & is totally FREE.
By Tom Lowe

This beginners duathlon training plan has been designed by former leading duathlete & UK IRONMAN record holder Tom Lowe. It is a 10 week long programme which is reasonable preparation time for a duathlon if you are an active person, however it is only a guide.

Heart rates are not included as this is pitched at an active person who is a relative beginner to duathlon and some people will not have a heart rate monitor. Should you wish to incorporate heart rate into the programme then it is advised that you work at 60%-75% of your maximum heart rate (220 minus your age for an approximate maximum).

On the days where the programme shows a bike and a run on the same day the run should be done immediately after the bike so as to make it a brick session, which is a key component of a duathlon training programme. Should you have a cycle computer that displays cadence aim for between 80-95 rpm.

Static stretching where the stretch is held for 20-30 seconds should be incorporated at the end of every activity. Any health and fitness professional at your local gym should be able to give you five minutes of their time to show you a few basic core and flexibility exercises specific to running and cycling.


Article by
Tom Lowe