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Run The Alternative New York Marathon

If you’re going to be watching the New York Marathon wistfully, thinking “if only I had the money for that massive entry fee, flights, hotel, commemorative hat etc”, we’ve got a cheaper alternative for you. Instead of sitting at home racked by FOMO as you watch runners going through Central Park, why not hit the treadmill and try Zwift’s New York routes? Visit the Big Apple’s best bits without the airfare.

All you have to do is jump on the treadmill, tie your footpod to your laces and travel forward in time to 2120. Oh yes, it’s set in 2120. In the future you will apparently find a virtual world of suspended glass roads above the Manhattan, whilst skirting famous landmarks such as The Guggenheim, The Met, the El Dorado Hotel and Tavern on the Green. Good to know they’re still there 100 years from now.

Zwift New York
Enjoy New York, 2120 style!

Here’s some more info on some of the best New York routes you can follow…

New York 2120’s best routes

FLAT IRONS – 14.8km // 146m

Run two laps of the Shuman Trail with a long lap of the park in between. Flat Irons is named for the downtown Flatiron district

HUDSON ROLL – 9.0 km // 80m

Take a lap of the reservoir before braving the inner loop on the park roads

SHUMAN TRAIL LOOP – 2.5km // 9m

Runners Only! Explore the sanctuary around the reservoir on this sneaker friendly path. You won’t find cyclists on this section

RISING EMPIRE – 20.7km // 376m

Hit the KOM in both directions on this climbers course

PARK PERIMETER LOOP – 9.7km // 126m

The outermost loop of the park

THE HIGHLINE – 10.5km // 179m

Ride the elevated roads in the skies above Central Park

LADY LIBERTY – 12.3km // 206m

A steep climb up to the KOM before a long lap around the park

MIGHTY METROPOLITAN – 20.0km // 318m

Traverse most of the park and elevated roads in a meandering loop

ASTORIA LINE 8 – 11.5km // 142m

Named for the first NYC subway line, take a figure 8 path around the park

KNICKERBOCKER – 22.4km // 365m

This mostly flat route has some grit in it with one trip up the KOM via the steep route


Circuit course that takes the steep route up and down the KOM with a short loop around the Sprint in between

EVERYTHING BAGEL – 34.3km // 545m

Hit the Sprint and KOM in both directions on this long, looping route

THE 6 TRAIN – 6.5km // 69m

The shortest route around the park is flat and fast

Find out more about using Zwift.

Written by
Kirsty Reade

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