The Montane Cheviot Goat is Coming!

This weekend it’s the Montane Cheviot Goat, a race in which runners battle the worst that December can throw at them, and spend a fair amount of time in bogs.

Where Lakeland Legends Are Made

It was the Lakeland 100 and Lakeland 50 at the weekend and some testing conditions created some very interesting racing. A tough race for all and congratulations to anyone who took part.

The Montane Lakeland 100 Is Off!

The Montane Lakeland 100 has kicked off and the runners are heading into uncertain conditions on a course which is certainly tough.

The Best Kit for Dragon’s Back

We thought that the recent Dragon’s Back Race presented a good opportunity to give some opinions on kit that stood up to the test.

A Pretty Good Week for Women’s Running!

On Monday Ida Nilsson led the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica outright and it wasn’t even that surprising. In fact, it’s been a pretty good week for women’s running all round and it’s only Tuesday!

Our Top Picks for Marathon Training Kit

With lots of runners in the thick of marathon training right now, and the weather being a bit on the cold side, we thought we’d bring you our guide to some of the best kit for staying warm, dry and motivated!

The Spine Race Keeps on Running

While all the headlines have rightly been about Jasmin Paris, it’s easy to forget that many runners are still out on the Spine course. We bring you news of the men’s podium and the runners still to finish.