Ryan Sandes’s Home Run

So your training plan’s completely scuppered, the race you were aiming for has been cancelled, life in general has become unrecognisable and entire countries the world over are in lockdown.

Red Bull Quicksand is Coming!

This weekend it’s the Red Bull Quicksand race. It’s only a mile long, but that may be the hardest mile you’ve ever ‘run’. Good luck to all taking part!

5 Races with a Difference

Bored of the same old running routes and the same old races? Why not try one of the many ‘different’ races out here? Here’s our top 5 suggestions.

You Did It! A Million Miles!

At the start of July Red Bull launched the Million Mile Commute, asking commuters to log a million human-powered commuter miles on Strava. You did it!

How Hard Can a Mile Be?

It’s only a mile, it can’t be that hard. The unique new race from Red Bull, Quicksand, will show you just how hard a mile can be!