A Conversation with Riixo’s Cameron Johnston

We recently featured Riixo Calf Cuffs in a review article (here) and we had the opportunity to talk with Cameron Johnston, founder of Riixo, 3-in-1 ice heat compression wear. We find out more about the realities of bringing a product to market and a look to the future

Review: Riixo Calf Cuff

Riixo produce a range of products that provide ice, heat and compression therapy. The Riixo Calf Cuff seemed like the ideal all round product to test out as it covers all three therapies

Riixo Recovery ice heat compression wear

2021’s kit bag must have for boosting sporting recovery and performance has arrived from Riixo Recovery. The Riixo Calf Cuff combines compression with ice and heat treatment for a 3-in-1 recovery experience