The Montane Cheviot Goat is Coming!

This weekend it’s the Montane Cheviot Goat, a race in which runners battle the worst that December can throw at them, and spend a fair amount of time in bogs.

Paul Tierney Attempts Wainwrights Record

On June 14th Paul Tierney will set off on his attempt to break the Wainwrights record. 214 summits and 318 miles with 36000m of ascent await him! Good luck Paul!

Could you be Overdoing the Ultras?

Ultrarunning seems to have hit the mainstream recently, which is great in many ways, but are too many runners now doing too many ultras, without fully recovering?

How to Get into Your Bucket List Races

Getting into races these days is becoming almost as hard as running them. If you’ve got a bucket list, what do you need to do to get to those start lines? Here’s our handy guide.

Tor des Geants is Coming!

September 9th sees the start of one of the year’s most awe-inspiring races: Tor des Geants. We take a look at this race and what makes it so special.

Must Do Running Races for Adventurous Bucket Lists

All runners have their list of must do races they want to do before they hang up their trainers. We thought we’d ask some of our contributors what races they would love to do. Here’s what they came up with.