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24-hour running record: Robbie Britton breaks 41-year-old British record

The British 24-hour running record has been broken by ultrarunner Robbie Britton at the ‘24 Ore Di Torino’ event in Italy.

Britton ran 277.439km, or 172.392 miles, across 24 hours of continuous running, a feat which broke the event record as well as taking the British honour.

The new record broke the previous set by Dave Dowdle 41-years-ago, with Britton powering his way to a new title by running laps of the Ruffini Park in Turin.

A dream come true

Speaking after the event, Robbie Britton, who now lives in the Biellese Alps in Italy, revealed it had been a long held ambition to break the British 24-hour running record. 

“I’ve made a dream come true,” he said, “It’s the second time I’ve run in this, which for me can only be the most beautiful park in the world. 

“In 2015, also here, I finished third in the World Championship setting my personal best.  

“It’s been eight years and I’m back after a long journey which ends with a sensational record.  

“How long will it take me to recover? At least a week, then I’ll start running again. 

He revealed more details on breaking Britain’s 24-hour running record in an Instagram post

“My coach, Tom Craggs, has been key in making this happen as a coach and a friend,” Britton explained, “and my phsyio Ilenia has helped me so much in the last 12 months. 

“On the day it was 90% gels, chews and drink mix that helped me average 90g of carbs per hour, with some rice, pasta and sweets making up the other 10%. 

“This was for all the people who have believed in me over the years. 

“The Ultra-running community is one big family and the messages I have had in the last 24 hours have been beautiful.”

Overall records 

The current world 24-hour running record is held by Lithuanian Aleksandra Sorokin who ran 319.614km (198.598 miles) at the IAU 24 Hour European Championships, a year on after originally breaking a record that had stood since 1997. 

The women’s honour is owned by well-known US athlete and Ultrarunner Camille Herron; she ran 270.116km (167.842 miles) at the 2019 IAU 24 Hour World Championships. 

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