Review: NURVV Run

We have featured the NURVV Run technology on the site before and we had the opportunity to test out a pair. NURVV Run offers a tool to analyse and develop your running technique to help you run faster and offers support to reduce the risk of injury. Does it deliver?

Uphill finish Mont Blanc Marathon

The Ultimate Hill Training Guide

Many of us runners bemoan the fact that we don’t live near any big hills, but it’s perfectly possible to get some great hill training in on any size of hill. Here’s our handy guide

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How to Become an Early Morning Runner

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First Look: NURVV RUN – Biomechanical Analysis At Your Feet

Are you looking to run faster, reduce injury and optimise your running technique? If so you’d probably be very interested in a gadget to help you achieve these goals. Well, let us introduce you to NURVV RUN, a device and app that allows you to analyse your run and suggest how to improve and develop your running technique.