Nick Anderson New Runners

Ten Golden Rules for New 2019 Runners

Lots of new runners hit the pavements and trails at this time of year. Nick Anderson, top coach from Running with Us, brings us his top tips for new runners, in conjunction with Polar.

Linda Todd ultramarathon

Anyone Can Run an Ultramarathon

Would you love to run an ultra but feel that it’s just out of reach? This great article makes the argument that it can be achievable by anybody, with the right preparation and mindset.

Uphill finish Mont Blanc Marathon

The Ultimate Hill Training Guide

Many of us runners bemoan the fact that we don’t live near any big hills, but it’s perfectly possible to get some great hill training in on any size of hill. Here’s our handy guide

Wiggle runner

How to Become an Early Morning Runner

Do you have the best of intentions about going for an early morning run, but find it really hard to get out of the door? Michael Cauldfield has some good tips for getting into the habit of early morning runs

TNF Mountain Athletics

Training for Mountain Races in the City

It’s a common problem – you want to do hilly races but you live somewhere flat and urban. We tried out The North Face’s Mountain Athletics session to see if they could help