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Two-time UTS winner Jamie Aarons breaks Munros record


Two-time Ultra-Trail Snowdonia (UTS) winner Jamie Aarons has set a new record time for climbing each of the Munros in Scotland.

The British ultra runner, who moved to Scotland from California in 2005, won the UTS-100 in 2018 and 2019.

The Munros are the 282 mountains in Scotland which are higher than 3,000ft, and Aarons completed the ‘Round’ in 31 days, 10 hours and 27 minutes.

Records tumble

Her effort broke the previous record – held by former marine Donnie Campbell – by over 12 hours, and more than halved the women’s record, which was set by Libby Kerr and Lisa Trollope in 2017.

She also ran, cycled and kayaked between each of the Munros, covering around 1,500km on foot and biking a similar distance.

Aarons set off at Ben More on the Isle of Mull just over a month ago and reached Ben Klibreck in the Scottish Highlands on Monday afternoon.

The Munros in Scotland, which Jamie Aarons scaled in record time
Some of the Munros in Scotland, which Jamie Aarons scaled in record time. [Photo credit: W. Bulach / Wiki commons]

The social work adviser proved an inspiration as she raised £14,000 for charity World Bicycle Relief.

“This silly idea was inspired by Donnie Campbell and his record-breaking self-propelled round in 2020, planting a seed in my brain as we were emerging from Covid restrictions that I still haven’t been able to shake!” Aarons wrote on her website.

“I am also indebted to my dear, departed friend, John Kynaston, who was the first I told that I was considering the Round.

“John greeted me on my very first venture into trail running in Scotland and his warm encouragement (in 2008) led me down a path – literal and figurative – for which I will be forever grateful.

“His belief in me when I mentioned the Munro Round has contributed to my inability to shake the idea of this goal!”

Ultra achievements

After she was lured in by the world of ultra running, Aarons’ first high-profile podium was at the 2010 edition of the 155km West Highland Way Race.

After several other medals at British races, she would win the West Highland Way Race in 2015 before taking on events in Germany, USA, Italy and Spain, including Transgrancanaria in 2018.

She also picked up third on her second attempt at the esteemed Italian race Tor des Géants in 2018, adding to her UTS triumph that year and in 2019.