Product Feature: 361° Spire 4

361° launches a new version of the Spire shoe. Build quality remains high and well finished. The upper knit finish is striking and feels durable and features a well padded heel holding your foot snug. Straight out of the box the grip on your foot is very noticeable and comfortable. Firm and secure.

361 Strata

361° Strata 3 Review

Matt Santa tried out the 361 Strata 3, a cushioned shoe for those looking for a bit of stability and a lot of comfort.

361 Spire 3

361° Spire 3 Review

361 degrees might be a fairly new brand to us, but they’re steadily building up a stable of really great shoes. Matt Santo tries out a pair of their Spire 3s

Digital Running Show 2020

The Digital Running Show on 13-14 June 2020

Following the postponement of The National Running Show London to 2021 the team will be hosting the Digital Running Show on 13-14 June 2020 in partnership with Children with Cancer UK.

Brighton Half

Runners Bask in February Sunshine at Brighton Half

This weekend saw one of the first big UK half marathons of the year – The Grand Brighton Half Marathon. There were unexpectedly scorching temperatures and the action was pretty scorching too! Our contributor, Eileen Naughton, was there to experience it.