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Meglio showcase their range of yoga, pilates and fitness gear

Meglio provide a wide range of products to help with yoga, pilates and fitness. They also have an extensive range of products for rehabilitation and physio. Meglia produce and distribute their products which allows them to have firm control over quality and cost.

Working with the NHS to supply physiotherapy products, Meglio provide hospitals across the UK with their products. Meglio are an approved supplier within the NHS, with all Meglio products available on NHS supply chain. They now provide over 14,000 46m rolls a year to the NHS and private practices to keep them stocked.

We had a chance to take a look at a some of the key products from their range.

Kinesiology Tape Roll 5m x 5cm – Strong, Breathable, Latex-Free Hypoallergenic Supporting Tape – £5.99

Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape is a versatile piece of kit, which aims to facilitate the recovery of the body. Their kinesiology tape supports and stabilises your muscles and joints, without limiting movement during exercise or day to day activities. The kinesiology tape helps speed up the natural healing process.

Meglio kinesiology tape is hypoallergenic, latex free and water resistant, meaning it can be worn during exercising and whilst bathing. It’s easy to apply and can be cut to length to suit your needs.

Their Kinesiology tape has been created in conjunction with sports and physiotherapy experts and not only supports, but also stimulates blood circulation to the body part it is being used to tape.

Available in a 5M length, their kinesiology tape can be ordered as a standard roll, or as pre-cut lengths.

Anti-Burst Home Exercise Gym Ball – Ideal for Yoga, Pilates and Fitness – £12.99

Anti-Burst Home Exercise Gym Ball

The Meglio Gym Ball has been created using an anti-burst, PVC material, allowing you to perform a full range of exercises whether you’re at the gym or in the comfort of your own home.

Available in three colours (Black, Blue & Pink) and in four different sizes (45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm) the Meglio gym ball is perfect for your fitness workouts, yoga and pilates alongside professional physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The Meglio gym ball also includes an exercise guide inside the box, offering a wide range of exercises to help target different muscle groups.

As a runner you’ll benefit from using a gym ball through strengthening core muscles, improved posture and flexibility.

Lacrosse Massage Ball – Trigger Point Massage & Rehab – Plantar Fasciitis & Myofascial Release – £7.99

Lacrosse Massage Ball

The lacrosse massage ball is a great and economical way to massage targeted areas of the body. Effective on almost any part of the body, the massage ball can be used to target specific trigger points and release muscle tension.

How does the Lacrosse Ball work?

The Massage Ball’s firm surface massages your soft tissue keeping it healthy and free of aches and pains and because of it’s size, it’s perfect to pop in your gym back or travel with. It uses your body weight to apply targeted pressure to the affected area. You can use it anywhere, watching TV, at your desk or after a work out at the gym.

Because you use your body weight, you can adjust the amount of pressure easily by using different surfaces, or by reducing the amount of weight you put on the ball.

You can use the lacrosse massage ball for your hips, calves, IT band, hamstrings, back, quads, shoulders and even your neck. Available in Black, Green, Blue editions.

Pilates Resistance Band (Latex-Free) – 2 Metre – £6.99

Pilates Resistance Band

Lightweight and portable, the Pilates Band is easy to roll up, easy to store and perfect to carry with you whilst travelling. Measuring 2m in length, the Pilates bands are Latex-free.

Weighing less than a smartphone and small enough to easily fit into your gym bag.

Spiky Massage Balls – Muscle Recovery & Stress Relief for Sore Muscles – Set of 3 – £11.99

Spiky Massage Balls

An inexpensive way to get a sports massage treatment whenever you need it. Their textured surface make them ideal for use after a workout when you might have worked up a sweat.

  • Hard (Set of 3) – Red, Yellow, Light Blue
  • Soft (Set of 3) – Orange, Dark Blue, Purple
  • How does the massage ball work?

The massage ball works by using the weight of you body to apply targeted pressure to problem areas such as your hips, calves, IT band, hamstrings, back, quads, shoulders and even your neck. With as little as ten minutes a day using the massage ball you can release muscle tension and soothe aches and pains. Massaging the soft tissue to keep it healthy and help you feel more flexible and muscles feel more relaxed both after exercise and in everyday life by getting rid of knots and tight spots.

Skipping Rope Extreme (Indoor Use) – £4.69

Meglio offer two different types of skipping rope, the Pro which has Aluminum handles, and the more basic model with plastic handles. Skipping ropes are ideal if you’re looking to strengthen your legs and lower body muscle tone.

Research suggests that just ten minutes of skipping is the equivalent of running a mile and perhaps easier to fit into your daily routine. Using a skipping rope is also a great way to improve your footwork speed and coordination. Moreover it’s a convenient and easily portable addition to any gym bag which can be used anywhere anytime.

The Pro skipping rope has been designed with durable and light weight handles with additional knurling for better grip. The Stainless steel ball bearing offers a smooth action. The skipping ropes have a 2.75m adjustable cable and can be easily adjusted to fit you perfectly.

You will benefit from increased cardiovascular fitness, full body workout and target muscle toning.

They are not intended for outdoor use or on hard surfaces such as concrete, tarmac. This will wear the cable excessively. The rope is designed to be used indoors or on a Yoga Mat.

Find out about the Meglio range here.

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