NRG Superbar Kendal Mint Co

Kendal Mint Co Natural NRG Superfood Bar

Natural energy from a combination of Oats. Honey, dried fruits and super-seeds. The Natural NRG: Wholesome Superfood Bar from Kendal Mint Co promises a perfect all-round snack. Does it deliver?


Review: XMiles Trial Packs and Monthly boxes

Founded in 2014 by Anthony Clark Dorset based XMiles is delivering a vast selection of nutrition products in addition to apparel, skin care, fitness equipment and accessories for runners, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes etc

Tribe Infinity Energy

First Look: Tribe Infinity Energy

Landing on our doorstep this month was a delivery from Tribe. Tribe offer a range of plant based performance nutrition products to fuel your training, racing or even just a tasty snack


Personalised nutrition – what is it, and how can give you the edge you need?

It’s all in our DNA but how do we tap into this information to understand what we need to find the right combination of nutrients for our own needs. Nutrition brand Nutri-Genetix (NGX) are looking to get you the right balance and they do it with a DNA kit. They explain why there’s a benefit and we will look to try out their service and the shakes very soon.

Maurten Gel100

WIN: Maurten Gel and Drink Competition

Our friends at Maurten offering you a huge gel and drink prize pot! As the nutrition choice of many elite athletes you have the chance to find out why the products are rated so highly in the sports world.

Review: Pop Performance Porridge

If you are a porridge person then keep reading. If you are like me and enjoy porridge on and off because you get bored of the same mundane flavour then this may also be the perfect brand to break the monotony cycle.