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12-13 Oct 2024
South Korea

Trans Jeju by UTMB : Route, live tracking & how to enter

Trans Jeju by UTMB is one of the biggest ultra distance trail running events in Asia, situated on the volcanic island of Jeju in South Korea. Runners across all four races will take in the stunning views of Hallasan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and climb South Korea’s highest mountain, Mount Hallasan.

The two-day programme of races joins the UTMB World Series for the first time in its ninth running. Runners competing in the Jeju100K category will earn three UTMB running stones – which earn entry to the lottery for the UTMB finals at the Ultra-Trail Marathon du Mont-Blanc.

The Jeju50K event sees competitors earn two running stones, and Jeju20K runners earn one running stone.

Here is our full guide to learning about this UTMB World Series event, following it live or even taking part. 

Date, start time & live tracking

Trans Jeju by UTMB features four main races all beginning on Saturday, October 7. The Jeju100K event begins at 05:50 local time at the Jeju World Cup Stadium. The Jeju50K category event begins 20 minutes later at 06:10.

Hallasan, a dormant volcano, is the highest peak in South Korea. Credit: UTMB.

The Jeju20K race and Jeju10K events begin simultaneously at 10:00.

Live tracking will be available here

Trans Jeju by UTMB Route

The organisers have set a course through the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hallasan National Park, centered around Mount Hallasan, the highest mountain in South Korea.

The 111km course covers some of the most scenic trails of the National Park, with a cumulative elevation gain of 4,200 metres. The route includes a steep climb up the Hallasan Volcano (1,950m) with a breathtaking view of the crater.

The 56km course includes 2,500m of cumulative elevation and again includes the climb up Hallasan Volcano.

“One of the biggest draws of TransJeju by UTMB is that runners can reach the peak of the Hallasan Mountain,” race director Byeungsik Ahn said. 

Facts, Tips & FAQ

The Jeju100K race has a time limit of 28 hours, with time barriers also set at checkpoints throughout the course. The Jeju50K event has a 13 hour time limit, while Jeju20K competitors have four hours to complete their race. There is not time limit for Jeju10K runners.

Every runner will be provided with a race bib, and the race bib must be clearly visible and worn on the front and outside of the clothing during the entire race. Runners will be penalised for not having their race bibs with them at all times.

Refreshments (drinks and foods) are offered at each checkpoint.

Except for injuries, a runner must not retire anywhere else other than at a checkpoint. He/she/they must therefore inform the person in charge of the checkpoint, who will definitively invalidate his/her/them race bib and recuperates the electronic chip.

The route will be marked with pink ribbons and arrows at intersections. For better night vision, the markers include a section of reflective material, which will be easily visible with a headlamp.

How to qualify and enter the Trans Jeju by UTMB

Male competitors who rank over 820 on the UTMB Index earn direct qualification for the 100K event with free entry. A UTMB Index of 690 earns a female competitor direct qualification and free entry.

To earn a paid entry in the 100K race, male competitors must earn a UTMB Index mark of 660, with female runners required to hit the 520 mark.

All runners must agree to the terms and conditions of the race which state that runners must be aware of their personal body and medical condition prior to the race and warrant that they are physically capable of competing in the event.

Trans Jeju by UTMB records and past winners

The 2023 race will be the ninth Trans Juju event, however, results over the years are difficult to locate. Results are 100K UTMB category unless specified. With the distance changing over several years, no course record time is reported.


  • 2022 – Minchul Koh (ROK) – 11:43:10
  • 2021 – Jisu Kim (ROK) – 4:57:28 (50K)
  • 2020 – N/A
  • 2019 – Hironori Nomoto (JPN) – 13:35:51
  • 2018 – Sebastien Chaigneau (FRA) – 11:33:34
  • 2017 – Baptiste Puyou (FRA) – 11:41:07
  • 2016 – Jong-Gun Yu (KOR) – 9:44:36 (80K)
  • 2015 – Soonchul Shin (AUS) – 9:57:33


  • 2022 – Jinhee Kim (ROK) – 14:47:31
  • 2021 – Hyunja Kim (ROK) – 6:11:18 (50K)
  • 2020 – N/A
  • 2019 – Kanaka Edamoto (JPN) – 15:29:21
  • 2018 – Kanaka Edamoto (JPN) – 16:42:19
  • 2017 – Marie McNaughton (NZ) – 12:45:11
  • 2016 – Chun-Ja Cho (KOR) 13:40:24 (80K)
  • 2015 – Hyeonsug Jang (KOR) 11:58:22

Who is taking part at Trans Jeju by UTMB 2023

Jiaju Zhou of China is the highest ranked athlete on the UTMB Index on the start list at 899 points. Zhao was a DNF at Dacia UTMB Mont Blanc 2023 in September, but enjoyed victories at adidas Terrex Chongli 168 Ultra Trail and Ultra Trail Jinan 2023 earlier in the year.

He’ll be challenged by compatriot Ji Duo, who won most recently at Ultra-Trail Ninghai by UTMB in April. He outperformed Zhou at UTMB Mont Blanc by finishing 14th in a time of 22:07:10.

Trans Jeju by UTMB

The defending champion Minchul Koh will also be in attendance. He recently won a 20K event at Jangsu Trail Race 2023, but has won just once in the 100K UTMB category since his 2022 success at this event. 2019 winner Hironori Nomoto and 2015 victor Soonchul Shin are also on the start list, as is Great Britain’s lone representative Richard Kimber.

Two-time race winner Kanako Edamoto heads the women’s field. The Japanese runner has a 668 score on the UTMB Index and finished 38th in the CCC at UTMB Mont Blanc in September. Her last 100K category success, however, came back in 2021 at FTR Chichibu & Okumusashi.

China’s Fuzhao Xiang is, by some way, the leading contender in terms of UTMB Index rank at 762. Xiang was fourth at UTMB Mont Blanc – an hour and 20 minutes behind race winner Courtney Dauwalter. She also finished second behind Miao Yao at Ultra-Trail Ninghai by UTMB 2023.

Trans Jeju by UTMB kit list

Runners are required to wear and carry certain kit, while other items are recommended. 

Mandatory kit 

The following items are required to run in the Jeju 100K event, with a reduced list for the shorter races. 

  • Trail Running shoes
  • Stock of water minimum 1 litre (bottle or bladder)
  • Two headlamps with replacement batteries
  • Safety signal (Blinker, etc)
  • Long sleeve layer
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Long warm pants
  • Warm gloves
  • Warm hat or bandana
  • Mobile phone
  • Whistle
  • Food reserve (min. 200 cal.)
  • Cash (Min. 10,000 Won)
  • Race bib (phone number of the organizers will be on your bib)
  • Personal cup. (To avoid the wastage of plastic cups at the checkpoints, you must bring your cup along in order to enjoy the different beverages offered)
  • Survival blanket (recommended 1.40m x 2m)
  • Adhesive elastic band for strapping (min. 3cm x 3 m)
  • **. Not allowed to use sticks

Strongly recommended

  • Even though the organiser is covered by liability insurance, participants are strongly recommended to enroll in their own insurance coverage plan.
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