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Gwen Jorgensen’s Top Treadmill Tips

Famously the 2016 Olympic Triathlon champion, Gwen Jorgensen, has been focussing on running for the last year or so with the goal of winning the Tokyo Olympic marathon. She’s been racing at the 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon distance, with considerable success so far. You can read about her progress over at Tri247.

To get to Tokyo she’ll need to finish in the top three at the US Olympic trials in February. Ahead of the race, Jorgensen has switched some of her training indoors, using Zwift (for whom she is an ambassador) for a large chunk of her training.

Below she gives her top tips on nailing your Zwift workouts, including a handy pointer on the right gradient for workouts.

Gwen Jorgensen treadmill
Gwen on the treadmill (image by @talbotcox)

1. How does your routine change from training outdoors to indoors

Gwen: When I run inside I am able to focus on my form more and adjust as needed along the run in order to maintain proper form. I can also run at any time indoors, as opposed to outdoors when I have to plan my runs around the daylight and safety conditions.

2. How important is it to stay warm whilst you train during the winter?

Gwen: I like to run on Zwift inside in the winter for safety. In the winter it is too dark and slippery. I prefer to train on the treadmill knowing I’ll be able to have good footing and will be safe.

3. How do you adapt to training indoors – what are your best tips? Particularly for treadmill running?

Gwen: I set the treadmill to .5-2% incline on the treadmill for a flat run. I use Zwift, a fan, and Skratch labs nutrition. I find I sweat a lot more indoors so I need to stay hydrated.

4. What is your favourite Zwift workout?

Gwen: I like to increase my pace by .2 every 1km. It keeps it interesting. My favorite routes on Zwift are the running path in NYC and the 5k loop in Watopia.

5. What does your typical winter training schedule look like?

Gwen: Usually I run 1-1:30 around 9am followed by stretching and core. I usually have treatment and a nap and then a second run before dinner. In the winter I usually run on the treadmill for my second run to maximize recovery time between runs as it usually gets dark by 4pm in the winter.

6. What are your tips on replicating outdoor race days when you are training indoors?

Gwen: The process is the exact same. Do not start too fast, you want to build and maintain speed through the entire race.

Here are some more Zwift workouts for running.

All images by @talbotcox

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