April 19, 2020

Strava Art for Charity

London runner Jeric Yeun aka @coderunnerguy is using social fitness app Strava & the TENZING Clean Air Tracker to draw cute and creative Clean Air Strava Art and raise money for charity!
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London runner Jeric Yeun aka @coderunnerguy is using social fitness app Strava & the TENZING Clean Air Tracker to draw cute and creative Clean Air Strava Art and raise money for charity!

Jeric has mapped animals including a dog, chicken and horse using the Strava running app. He’s doing this in the healthiest way possible, by using the free TENZING Clean Air Tracker that helps him avoid the worst-polluted routes in our capital!

His latest artwork, this adorable baby giraffe, was created on a 32.58k run in North London; past Arsenal Stadium and Finsbury Park; achieving an Air Quality Score of 91 / 100! Please note that this story was created before the current social isolating guidelines during the March/April 2020 Corona virus pandemic.

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Jeric will be drawing 20 artworks and running 2 marathons to fundraise for Spinal Research charity and to date has raised over £1,500.


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