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A letter from Hugh at The London Marathon

As the UK begins to inch closer to a bit of normality race events are looking to get you to crossing their real world finish line rather than that virtual one that ends at your front door. Event organisers have had a challenging year or so and really need your help to ensure a safe return. The London Marathon team are helping to get events running again.

A series of test events will help fast track this return to racing and Hugh Brasher from The London Marathon is asking for your support.

In Hughs words…

Dear Runner,

 I am writing to you as our sport, the sport we love, needs your help.

As the UK starts coming out of the necessary restrictions that have been put on our society, there is hope on the horizon – hope that we can once again run together with spectators cheering us on, as we have since my father Chris Brasher and John Disley founded the first London Marathon back in 1981.

We believe the government’s Events Research Programme, which includes a series of 5K running events on Saturday 15 May at Kempton Park that we are organising, is absolutely crucial in making this happen.

A successful test event at Kempton Park, that includes spectators as well as runners, will enable data to be collated (as it has been at football, snooker and music venues in recent weeks), which will then allow larger events to take place later this year in towns and cities across the UK.

So our plea is simple: enter and run one of the 5K test events on Saturday 15 May at Kempton Park – the cost is £15 to cover the overheads of the event.

You can enter here.

We would also encourage you to invite your friends and family to spectate, which they can sign up to do for free once you’ve registered.

To ensure it is safe, every runner and spectator will be required to take a home lateral flow test, which will be sent to you prior to the event, and a further PCR test before and after the event. If you test positive prior to the event, you will get a refund.

This may seem like a big ask, but by entering and running, or spectating, you will not only be helping our sport return, you will be enabling others to experience the positive power of our sport: the power when we run together, cheer together and celebrate together.

The last 15 months have been so hard on everyone. Now is our chance to show the world that running with spectators is ready to return.

By taking part in this event, you will be truly making a difference.

I look forward to seeing you on the Start Line at Kempton Park on Saturday 15 May.

Thank you for helping running events to return.

Best wishes,

Hugh Brasher
Event Director, London Marathon Events

To help out and be part of the test event you can find out more here.

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