March 3, 2021

Andrea Mason LIVE Facebook feed at 12 today!

Endurance adventurer, Andrea Mason will be inspiring the nation ahead of International Women’s Day when she shares details of the incredible feat of endurance she’s undertaking for charity in a live interview with Wiggle on Friday 5th March
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Last year, Andrea Mason completed a 38km swim, 330km bike and 170km run in the French Alps. She did it all in just 4 days, 23 hours and 41 minutes.

You can catch up with Andrea LIVE today at 12 today to find out how she’s going to challenge herself this year. Andrea will take part in a live interview ahead of International Women’s Day.

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Andrea will be discussing her epic challenge and the charity she founded in 2020, Lady Talk Matters, which promotes awareness and attempts to educate people around the world on female reproductive conditions, including endometriosis.

As an ambassador for the Wiggle brand, Andrea Mason’s astonishing challenge will see her swimming three UK lakes, climbing three peaks, cycling 800km, and breaking four records – all in just five days.

Click here for the live feed.

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