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Darren Hardy finishes 5in50 challenge

Taking on 5in50 through challenging weather, lack of sleep and sheer exhaustion, Darren dug deep. Getting him through it was a picture of Aggie, the same 12-year-old girl he is raising money for. We featured Darren and Aggie here.

Darren said; “There was a moment coming into marathon three that I hit a real low point and felt like that was it. I tried to sleep for 10 minutes as I hadn’t slept in 37 hours, but the pain in my feet was too much. So I rang Aggie’s parents to get a photo of Aggie, and I also got a picture of my own kids sent through. That was all I needed to push me through to the end.”


Just three weeks ago, the “5 IN 50” challenge was conceived by Darren having seen Aggie’s story on social media inspiring him to do something to help. The challenge, which would push Darren almost to breaking point, saw him complete five marathons back-to-back, carrying everything he needs in his backpack from his nutrition, to water, wet kit, warm kit and first aid kit.

Darren’s wife, Gemma added; “I think he’s amazing how he can have a little idea three weeks ago and now all of a sudden its now a reality with £17,000 raised so far!”

Taking on 5in50


All of the money raised will be going towards lifesaving treatment for Aggie Candy-Waters, who was diagnosed with the world’s rarest disease, H-ABC, at the age of five. Now 12 years old, Aggie who used to run, play and sing is permanently in a wheelchair and is rapidly losing her fine motor skills – meaning she is fed, dressed and carried by her parents, and is losing her ability to speak.

Richard Candy-Waters, Aggie’s dad, said; “It’s absolutely priceless that Darren can raise the profile of the condition, and the gutsy way that Darren has taken on this challenge is extraordinary. We are eternally grateful to Darren for every step he took over the last few days.”

Darren, a double gold medallist and Warrior Games record breaker completed numerous extreme sports challenges for charity in 2020, raising £24,000. 5in50 is up there with the toughest. 

Darren would also like to thank Resilient Nutrition and Osprey for their support in making this challenge possible. To support Darren and donate to this valuable cause, visit

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