ehunmilak Ultra Trail communication regarding COVID‐19

A news update from the organisers of the ehunmilak have communicated this which will not be a surprise to many:

“Dear runners, volunteers, friends, collaborators and sponsors of ehunmilak.

The group of people who are part of the Organising Committee of the ehunmilak Ultra

Trail, goierriko2haundiak trail and marimurumendi marathon races, after analysing in depth the current situation caused by the Coronavirus COVID‐19, we have decided to SUSPEND the three races of the 2020 edition.

We believe that all the work done so far and the illusion that we have put to take this event forward will not be enough to fully ensure the two basic principles that define our races: the full safety of runners and volunteers, and the quality of the competition.

We take this decision with deep sadness but thinking as always in the protagonists of the competition. We are sure you will understand us. Therefore, considering the exceptionality of the situation and, leaving aside our Regulation, we will RETURN THE 100% OF THE REGISTRATION to all runners.

Finally, we want to express our sincere thanks to all volunteers, collaborators and sponsors. We hope to continue counting on you in coming editions. Now we ask you to fight with all your strength against this pandemic so that in the near future we can enjoy again the mountain and our passion: the mountain races.

We would like to see you in the 2021 edition!”

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